Workshop SPD Scuola Politecnica Design


Current projects at the Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD

The SPD Master students have completed the midterm workshops. For a week they worked hard to develop the projects assigned to each group by the project leaders.

Anna Barbara and the SenseLab study team coordinated the Tasty Spaces project, challenging young interior designers to refine the multisensory perception of spaces. The work was inspired by taste, normally the most underestimated of the senses when it comes to designing an environment.

Roberta Tassi and Yulya Besplemennova from Oblo explored the contradictions of Amazon Prime’s pervasive mobility and the many home delivery services available on the market. Digital Design Master’s students imagined alternative models and behaviours made possible by digital to reduce the economic and environmental implications of today’s trend towards hypermobility.

SPD visual designers were able to play with the old risograph printing techniques and, guided by Studio Atto, produced a series of publications exploring the relationship between shapes, colours and a literary text by Kurt Vonnegut.

Finally, the students of the Industrial Design Master, under the guidance of Huub Ubbens, completed the lighting projects to upgrade the exterior of Torre Velasca, one of the most representative buildings in the city. The students’ works will participate in a major competition reserved for design schools with a final exhibition during the design week.

As always, the workshops represent for the students an immersive experience of collaboration and dialogue with colleagues and project leaders, as in a real working situation, with pressing deadlines and deliveries. During the week, there were moments of brainstorming, review and presentation.